It’s National Compliment Day!

There are so many national days, but I think that this one might be one of my favorites. Compliments feel amazing to give and to get.


Sometimes you might feel awkward giving some random person a compliment, but as long as you mean it, why not? Do you like somebody’s shoes? Tell ’em! Do you think someone has great hair? Let them know! Did someone get a good grade on a test? Tell them they did a great job! You never know when something that you share will brighten a person’s day when they need it the most.

You may not know this, but I have a brand account on GIPHY! That means that you can send my GIFs in texts, on Instagram, use them in posts and comments on Facebook, and as stickers on Instagram stories. All you have to do is type in “lemonerdy” in the search, and you’ll see my GIFs!

I’ll be adding new compliment GIFs today, feel free to use them in text, on Facebook, and on Instagram to tell friends and family that you love something about them.