Girls Who Code Summer Program Applications Are Open!

The applications for Girls Who Code Summer Programs are OPEN! In 2021, I participated in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. Check out my recap below.

I had an amazing time, and learned a lot about cybersecurity, coding, careers in tech, and more. If you are interested, learn more about it here. There are two programs. I did the Summer Immersion Program for two weeks, also called GWCSIP for short.

It was free and virtual. I learned lots of computer science skills that I will be using to make an impact in my community. Some of it you will see when I launch Lemonerdy U. I met great role models in tech, but my favorite part was probably the sisterhood.

So, who can participate in Girls Who Code Summer programs? All high school students who identify as girls or non-binary can apply, and no prior computer science experience is required. You can choose the two week immersion program like I did, or go through a six week self-paced experience! Choose the one that works best for you! In the program that I did, the Summer Immersion Program, we attended live, virtual classes sponsored by Bank of America. You may have a different sponsor next year. We learned web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and made our own websites to highlight a cause that we cared about. I chose prostate cancer.

I didn’t do the self paced program, but according to their website, I totally could!

“In the Self-Paced Program, students can explore introductory coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or more advanced applications of Python with a focus on cybersecurity. During the Self-Paced Program, students work at their own pace while having the opportunity to build community through weekly live advisory sessions and activities. This program is open to all high school students, graduating seniors, and even summer programs alumni!” – Girls Who Code

Please share this post with family, friends, and anyone who you think has a high school student who would like to learn how to code and more about tech jobs for women. Check out the application here. ✌🏾