How to Make a Twin of Yourself for a Video with NO GREEN SCREEN! | Tutorial

I made this video for an assignment for video and animation class. 

Have you ever made a video in which you are your own twin? You can make a twin video without using a green screen. 

Here’s what you’ll need.

  1. A camera (cell phone, tablet, or DSLR)
  2. A steady tripod
  3. A stand-in and string (optional)
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro

You can get a bundle of things like this if you are just starting out making videos. Maybe put it on your birthday list, Christmas list, or on your vision board.

Here’s how I did this video!

  1. I put the camera on the tripod and set up two chairs. You can use a string and put it on the floor so that you know what line not to cross.
  2. I wrote a script, and practiced it so that I would know how long to pause during the conversation with myself.
  3. I got my brother to sit in one of the chairs so that I would know where to look when I was talking to my twin. We aren’t the same height, but it was close enough. Once I had practiced the script, I pressed record. and said my part.
  4. My brother and I then switched chairs, pressed record, and did my twin’s part.
  5. After I finished both videos, I loaded them onto two different tracks in Adobe Premiere Pro. I cropped out my brother using the crop tool in the effects panel. You can either crop right or left, using the string as a guide for when to stop or just making sure the background matches and looks seamless.

TIP: Try to do it in a room where the light is consistent. If there is sunlight and clouds, the movement of the sun and clouds will change the lighting and ruin the illusion.

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I hope you liked this simple tutorial to help you make a twin video! You can also use Adobe Premiere Rush to do it if you want to do this on your phone or tablet.

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