How to Set Goals and Accomplish Them – 5 Easy Steps | Season 1, Episode 1

Setting goals has always been important to me. Each year, I do five things to make sure that I accomplish my goals.

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  1. Make a list of things that I have always wanted to do. It is not easy to make that list, but I always try to be as free with the list as possible. I put the big things and the little things on the list so that I don’t miss anything. After I make the list, I look at it and find the things that I have already started to do – goals in progress. I highlight those. Then I go back to the list and think about the next 365 days. Are there things on this list that I can realistically do in one year? If I try my best, what can I do? What can I be? I choose those and highlight them as well.
  2. Get a new planner. A fresh planner for the year always makes me excited about what’s to come. I have had all sorts of planners. Sometimes I make them myself and print them out, and sometimes I buy them. Here is one that is similar to one that I have used before. 
  3. Get friends together to work on a vision board. I love working on my vision board because I can just look up and get reminders of what I am supposed to be focused on. I get together with friends and family to work on it and a lot of times they will remind me of things that I said I wanted to do so that I can add them to my vision board. Not sure how to start? I got together with friends and we made a video about how to make a vision board. 
  4. Get a fresh journal – or two. I have two journals. One for my thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and another one to track my fitness goals. My dad always says, that what can be measured can be improved. I like to go back and read my journals to see how far I’ve come. Here is the fitness journal that I am using and loving right now. I got the one I use for my thoughts, feelings, and ideas from my mentor and friend, the author and photographer – Reagan Mathis. She was on my first subscribe-a-thon, and you can check out her video here.
  5. Check in and make sure that you are on the right track. I like to check in with myself and my friends every couple of months to see if I am working towards the goals that I set for myself. That way, I am more likely to accomplish them by the end of the year. In this video, I did an update to see how well I did on my goals.

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