My Dad Taught Me to Play Football – Here’s What Happened…

I did a fun football workout with my dad as part of my prostate cancer awareness video series! Watch it all for some fun surprises 😂

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Video Series:

Video #1 – “September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month” –

Video #2 – “10 Facts About Prostate Cancer” –

Video #3 – THE RECAP: Making Red Lentil Chili with My Dad –

Video #4 – I Taught My Dad to Crochet to Reduce Stress –

Video #5 – Daughter vs. Dad: Daddy and Daughter Football Workout –

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My platform for the Miss Chicago’s Outstanding Teen competition was prostate cancer awareness, and my platform will be the same when I compete for Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen in 2021. I will be posting several videos about keeping how to help our parents and loved ones live a healthier lifestyle. In these videos, you will meet my dad. I have been working on getting him to be healthier for a while now, but as we move towards Movember (which is November) – the month we talk about other men’s health issues including prostate cancer, we are kicking it into high gear!

In my upcoming videos, you will learn why prostate cancer awareness is important to me, what living a healthier lifestyle can mean for you and the people you love, and how we can all do a better job of keeping our parents, family, and friends feeling good and living their best lives.