Code a Fashion Game with Me on Scratch

I have been working on this game for a really long time, and now that we are on break from school for the holidays, I FINALLY have time to do the tutorial. It didn’t take a long time to make, so you can definitely code with me, BUT I had to keep starting and stopping and coming back to it.

That’s why I like to do these live coding sessions. You actually can finish your project in the time that it takes for me to finish. I give a template that you can remix and a fully finished example game so that you can see what the code should look like. You can also pause it to go to the bathroom!

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Now back to the game. Here’s what you need…

This game is perfect for intermediate-level coders who want to try some different things and for beginners who want to learn new skills.

Here is the example project:
Here is the template that you can remix and use to follow along with the tutorial:
If you have questions about this game, go to my tutorial studio here –