We Pitched for SXSW! Watch Our Team Video…

Want to see what we sent to SXSW? We know the competition is going to be tough, but we had to give it a try. We had to make a 1-2 minute pitch video. I know you are like, wait a minute… “WE?!?” Yes. We. My brother joined my team for this pitch.

You have seen him in some of my other videos before:

Fun fact: We had to sit on a table so that we could both fit in the frame. He is a lot taller than me now! Check out our older videos, and if you are a patron, click here to see our pitch for the SXSW Student Pitch competition. To see a preview of the new Lemonerdy University website, click here! Thank you to all of the Lemonerdy patrons and supporters. I appreciate everything you do.