LEMONERDY SUPER SHORT #4 “Triangle of Life”

This is my first fully solo project… NO HELP YA’LL! My own storyboard, editing, backgrounds, music choices, directing and all that.

This is for a grade to show what I’ve learned so far. Please like! I usually publish a new project Monday through Thursday unless I have a solo project due, so subscribe for more videos.

In case you don’t follow the story:
The sun shines, pumpkin plant grew, horse ate the pumpkin, wolf scared the horse (Did you see the poop – with pumpkin seeds? Heh heh!), wolf eats the horse, wolf gets old (gray wig) and dies, decomposes, a new plant grows because of the seeds and poop and decomposing wolf, new bigger horse comes to eat the plant.

Did you get it?

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