collage of hair images with the words I used this hair oil for 30 days and a dropper full of oil

I Used This Hair Growth Oil for 30 Days! Here’s What Happened.

NEW HAIRCUT ALERT! I am now slightly obsessed with cutting my hair. I heard that once you cut it you will be addicted to cutting it – this is correct. I only had my first haircut for a couple months before I wanted to cut the whole thing off and have a little afro.

I may not want my hair to be long (I am all for buying hair if I need or want it for some reason, but I do want healthy hair no matter what length it is.

Kollective Koils sent me a bottle of their Almond and Castor Hair Growth Oil and I tried it out for 30 days. In this video, you will see me unbox the oil, get a haircut, and style my hair, and do two photoshoots!

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