C7 Skates Unboxing! Lemonpop or Aquamarine?

I was so excited to get my skates from C7! I also got some safety gear. Watch the video and like and subscribe to be notified when I try them on and do my full skating review! The transcript is available below this video.

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m gonna be unboxing some roller skates from c7. I decided to get some roller skates, because this summer I wanted to get out get some fresh air, and just ride through the breeze. But you know, also not being near people. I thought roller skates would be the perfect way to do that, so I went online and I found some street skates. I also have some protective gear here, because my mom said that I cannot be out roller skating and bust my head open or scrape my knees because I have expensive knees and if I mess them up then I won’t be able to do gymnastics and that would not be good. So, I’ve got helmets, elbow pads, wrist pads, whatever other kind of stuff you need to wear in here. So let’s unbox that first.

So the main reason why I protested having a helmet, in particular, was because I have this ponytail that is not on my head right now. It is a ponytail you can just clip on, and it is long and luscious and beautiful. I wanted to be able to have it out and flowing in the wind while I do my roller skating, but unfortunately, the helmet is non-negotiable. Which it is. You should always wear a helmet when you’re riding something outside. It’s open. First thing in here is… I think these are knee pads. They have a little strap. The brand that I got was JBM, and I got them just in black, even though they have other colors so they would match. So they have this strap, there’s another strap here, and then this hard knee pad thing, another one, and then the helmet.

This is the helmet. I think the wrist pads are inside. I’m surprised I was able to fit it in this tiny box, But I’m guessing it’s to save them some money on shipping because this is a small box with a lot of stuff inside of it. Very efficient. These are the wrist pads. They were velcroed together, and as always, if you ever want to get any of the stuff in my videos, there will be links down in the description to Amazon. So these… I think these are the wrist pads. They look like they go on a wrist. I will figure out how to put these on later because they look very complicated. There’s other stuff in here too. There’s something in here. I don’t really know. Oh, there we go. So these are… I think actually… I think these are knee pads. I don’t know what these are for. Oh these are elbow pads. Now that I think about it, I’m wondering whose knees are actually this tiny. I’m sure someones are but these are the actual knee pads. That makes a lot more sense. So they are the same way. They have the rock-solid protection part, the velcro, and they are stretchy in the back to get your knees in there. And then the helmet, there’s a little helmet instruction… and it looks pretty protective and I love the matte coloring. It looks very clean. I’m glad that it looks clean, because a lot of things like when they come from Amazon they look kind of dirty, but this is… It has a little like a thing I’m not exactly sure what it does, but I’m sure it’s in this instruction manual. I think it probably tightens the helmet, which is good, because that will provide more protection. So now on to the exciting part, which is the roller skates. Let’s move all of this out of the way.

Now we have the roller skates. I actually have not had roller skates since I was like five, six, or seven. I got them from my grandma probably when I was three and they were Dora roller skates. I thought that they were the coolest. They were really really nice. I’ve gone roller skating since then, I think I’m actually pretty good at it. These roller skates, unfortunately, are not Dora roller skates so they’re not as cool, but I did get them in a really nice color. Again these are from C7, and you can get them on Amazon or on their website. I got them on the website, but they’re the same price on Amazon and they offer the same colors. C7 is famous for having really bright-colored roller skates. They actually had a nice color of yellow, which I would have gotten but I started to get impatient, so I got turquoise instead. But it’s also a really nice, bright matte turquoise. All right we’re in…

So, there’s another box inside. It’s pink that says C7 roller skates. It says “thank you for shopping all of our merchandise is 100 authentic we hope that you enjoyed your new products if you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us we can make it right our goal is five-star feedback.” Let’s see how it does… take this box…

I am loving this color already!

Oh yes… comes out this way… cut that tape off… there we go.

Oh my gosh! They look even better in real life! Wow!

These are so cute. There’s something in the bottom. It says, “we highly recommend that you try on your indoor skates and on a smooth carpeted surface to ensure proper fit before using them.” I will definitely do that. So they’re in these little plastic bags. Mine are turquoise. They have a bright brown bottom. C7 skates they always have different colors of wheels that you can order separately to change up the colors and extra laces if you want to customize them. I think I’ll probably be getting maybe some yellow ones to, you know, do my aesthetic. This is the other one. It looks the same. I am excited! I’m so excited to try these on!

Here it is, It has a nice leather on the outside. It feels very sturdy, and it has a lot of padding in the back for ankle support and padding in the front. The rest of the laces are inside here. I love how the laces are the same color as the boot. So they’re very bright. I cannot wait to try these on, and make sure that you guys like and subscribe so that you don’t miss my full try on and review of these skates. These are street skates. I’m going to be taking it to the streets. I’m going to be outside skating in the fresh air, and I’m going to show you, and tell you what I think of these skates. Thank you guys so much for watching! Bye!