Brand New Live Coding Tutorial! Pumpkin Carving Contest Game

Code along with me LIVE and make a pumpkin carving contest game!

👉🏽Template (use this to remix, follow along, and make your own game):

👉🏽Example Game:

Hi! Thank you for watching my scratch tutorial. If you want to learn scratch coding, make sure you visit my tutorials studio here –

If you are new to coding in scratch, check out some of my beginner tutorials in my Scratch tutorials playlist here –

This Scratch tutorial was recorded live, and I do at least one of these each month. Follow me on Instagram at to find out when I will be going live so that you can code along with me. I consider this a scratch tutorial for beginners, so feel free to try it out if you are new to scratch. I don’t usually do anything for Halloween (other than eat candy) so I figured this would be a fun game to make. I also have never carved a pumpkin. I hear that it is really messy, so this is definitely a neat and clean way to carve pumpkins with no mess. This is a contest game too, so you can remix this game with different costumes to make all sorts of contests and fashion games on scratch.

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