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Eden Wilson

Eden Wilson

From the time I posted my first coding tutorial on YouTube, I have felt driven to introduce everyone to the wonders of technology, especially women and girls. Through partnerships and my own platform, Lemonerdy, I am working diligently to do just that. I am a tech ambassador, coding enthusiast, and teacher. I am using my own funds, funds that I raise from patrons and funds that I won from a pitch contest to launch my platform to teach children all over the world to code.

Lemonerdy U Progress

As we approach our Beta Phase and launch, it is important to me to keep my Patrons and supporters informed on my progress in creating this platform. Monthly reports are available to Patreon members. Here’s a quick snapshot of where we are!

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From Lemonerdy to Lemonerdy U

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Lemonerdy started as a YouTube Channel in 2018. I shared all sorts of videos about my life, my hobbies, my favorite books, games, and more. After uploading over 100 videos, I became a YouTube Partner. Eventually, I started making videos about how to make games on MIT’s platform, Scratch. People really loved my coding tutorials, and I decided that I wanted to create a platform for more people to learn how to code. I entered a pitch competition and won $1000 to start building Lemonerdy U. 

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After my coding videos became popular on YouTube, I was approached to have some of my tutorials stream on Common Sense Media’s streaming service for kids, Sensical. Shows are 100% free on every device, and my videos are in the 8-10 category. The app is available on Roku, the Amazon App Store, the Apple App Store, Google Play, Vizio, and Samsung Smart TV.

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Course Creator

While I worked on building this platform, Lemonerdy U, I created an advanced Scratch course for DIY+ Subscribers can add videos when they complete challenges, earn badges and more. I am a mentor, so when subscribers add videos and complete challenges, I can check out what they have created and respond. All of the courses on DIY are free, including mine, so even if you don’t subscribe to DIY+, you still have access to the course.

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When I started Lemonerdy at 11 years old, I had no idea that it would become what it is today, a source for people all over the world who want to learn how to code.  Lemonerdy U is becoming a reality, and I am excited about where it is going. As I work on making Lemonerdy the top destination for kids interested in technology, it is not lost on me how important it is for kids to see a young, black girl leading this effort as the founder. I hope to encourage diversity in tech by leading by example. Thank you for supporting my journey – our journey.


Join Lemonerdy U and Learn Scratch! CSS! HTML! JavaScript! Python! to Code! |

At Lemonerdy University, we focus on peer to peer experiences. Studies have shown that people learn more quickly and retain more when they are taught by their peers. As we enter our beta phase, we invite you to try one of our free courses. Welcome to Lemonerdy U! 

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